Identical Twins

Hopefully the closest we’ll ever get to human cloning

Growing up in a relatively large family, it was inevitable that I would get in fights with my siblings. From treading on personal space to being the tattletale to refusing to share the last cookie, I could not possibly list all the reasons why I was not exactly the picture perfect little brother. The common theme in my household was managing to stand each other for one more day. As one by one the brothers and sisters left the home, it became more dull and less adventurous and I missed all the commotion and chaos that accompanied my life every single day. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have a younger sibling or even more importantly an identical twin. Now I consider myself a very judgmental person but I don’t focus on anyone’s problems more than my own. I am extremely self-critical and it is hard to recall a day when I haven’t made fun of myself even once. So the thought of living with myself is more than chilling, it is pure disturbing. I wonder how many days it would take before I strangled myself from pure frustration of my stubbornness and boisterous nature of speaking to any and all people I come in contact with. Of course it would be awesome at first to do stuff like making a human mirror but after a while it would just get creepy. My two most destructive traits being prideful and argumentative would spurn endless arguments about the most stupid topics with myself, further increasing the levels of annoyance and frustration to a new level. Also it would be kinda hard to love myself cause that seems like being a little narcissistic but I’m sure there are plenty of real identical twins that get along fine and love each other very much. No, I’m glad that I’m a one of a kind because I don’t think my friends and family can deal with another genius out-showing them in every way possible but then again I may be wrong, I mean we always coulda used another Einstein right?

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