My Expedition for Useless Information: Part 2

Delving into the useless facts of animals

As my adventure continues so does my thirst for pointless knowledge! This time we enter the animal kingdom:

  • Butterflies clean themselves in mud puddles
  • The chihuahua in the Taco Bell commercials is named Gidget
  • One blue whale weighs the same as 40 rhinos
  • The Sea Horse swims at a pace of .01 mph
  • A Weddell Seal can travel underwater for seven miles without surfacing for air
  • By the time it’s a year old, the average mockingbird already knows 25 to 30 songs
  • The world’s smallest winged insect is the Tanzanian Parasitic Wasp which is smaller than the eye of a housefly
  • Only animal to have bird, reptile, and mammal genomes in its genetic code: the platypus
  • A camel drinks water at a rate of 50 cups per minute
  • A salamander can launch its tongue with a force 450 times that of a Corvette going from 0-60 mph

Check back next time as we explore the useless facts of famous people!

About JP Feed

Welcome to the feed. My name is JP. The JP Feed is designed as a host to a league of stories, thoughts, and wonders from the minds of anyone that either is just perusing through or serious readers that want their voice to be heard. Anything from poetry to art to just humorous anecdotes is highly encouraged. Here our main goal is to satiate our hunger for knowledge and ideas.

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