Keeping Friends Waiting

He said “five minutes” twenty minutes ago…

Somewhere along the line, friends slip up. It’s unavoidable, so there’s no cause for alarm like so many impatient and emotional people do nowadays. However, there is one thing that friends love to do which is increasingly aggravating: make you wait for long periods of time. I consider myself a patient human being but when your buddy makes you wait to be picked up for about 20 more minutes than they promised that is when I draw the line. As if their egotistical attitude of thinking you’re not important is bad enough, they usually pick you up without a notice, without a care, without an even hint that you are extremely annoyed at their ignorance. Even just the courtesy of a text or phone call to declare your lateness but don’t show up at my house at 7 when you said 6:15 and expect me to be all rainbows and sunshine. It may be hard to imagine but we are not moons and planets and you are not the sun, we don’t revolve around you and whatever time you feel is suitable. What’s the point of even establishing times to meet if we don’t abide by them? Just think of a world where nothing that ever has a set time actually happens at that time. Our power wouldn’t be on because the guys at the power plant wouldn’t come to work on time, streets wouldn’t be clean because the garbage men would just not show up, passengers would be sitting in planes for unknown amounts of time waiting for the pilot to take off when he feels like it. My point is that the world would descend into utter chaos without order so on a somewhat smaller scale, please pick up friends on time, hurry up when you’re going to the bathroom, and for god’s sake put the phone down when you’re hanging out. Life is too short to be spent waiting.

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