Thank You Conspiracy Theories

Where would we be without you?

Thanks to your incredible insight and awareness we were able to capture the league of assassins that killed one of our finest presidents, John F. Kennedy. Through their interrogation years later we learned that NASA is a sham and that top Hollywood executives faked the moon landing to give the country a feeling of security and advancement lest we descended into chaos at the sight of the formidable Soviet Union. But we did not collapse at this information, we grew! We developed the AHI or the Agency of Higher Intelligence. AHI has been responsible ever since for exposing Elvis’s whereabouts, Area 51, and the WHO laboratories that birthed the artificial AIDS virus. AHI has also overthrow the evil Bush administration whose diabolical plot of 9/11 left the country picking up the pieces. In place of our flawed democratic system we thankfully established a New Order headed by the AHI to protect us from future catastrophes. Harold Camping, an elevated AHI officer was a key figure in helping us survive through the 5 month rapture that ended the world as we knew it. We rebuilt and in America’s wake we’ve created a new world empire! Our flourishing empire has been the key element in succeeding in everything America failed: oil, money, influence. This past December we recently overthrew the Mayan zombie overlords that came to claim our Earth after their calendar ended in 2012. From here there is no end in sight to what we can accomplish and it is all thanks to what some ignorant fools called “conspiracy theories” so long ago.

About JP Feed

Welcome to the feed. My name is JP. The JP Feed is designed as a host to a league of stories, thoughts, and wonders from the minds of anyone that either is just perusing through or serious readers that want their voice to be heard. Anything from poetry to art to just humorous anecdotes is highly encouraged. Here our main goal is to satiate our hunger for knowledge and ideas.

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