I Love the 00’s: iPod Commercials

When have silhouettes ever looked this cool?

While there still may be some iPod commercials running today they are nowhere near as prevalent as five years ago. I mean what is the need for them? Everybody knows what an iPod is and what it can do. Back in a time when the word “mP3 player” was not yet a household name, CD’s were still the market leader but iPods were finally starting to build up some major steam. Apple released its 5th generation back in 2005 which was by most respects similar to its ancestors as far as memory and size. Small iPods were still unreleased so consumers had to make do with the hand-sized models that still packed a 30, 60, or 80 GB punch. What I remember the most about this time were the not the iPods themselves but the unique and creative commercials that Apple released to promote them.

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