Tribute to Buzz Aldrin

It’s not easy being the second man on the moon.

When you hear the name Neil Armstrong what comes to mind? The Apollo 11 mission, moon landing, astronaut, and hero would be a few words that I would guess. International fame came to Armstrong when he became the first man on the moon but he was not alone on this mission. With him was a man just as worthy of the praise but yet not so eager to receive it. Buzz Aldrin, a man of humility and tremendous accomplishment. He chose to let Neil take the glory by letting him be the first man to walk off the spacecraft and into the spotlight of mankind at that moment. Aldrin is still a very well-known man and astronaut (where do you think Buzz Lightyear’s name came from?) and by no means am I trying to belittle his endeavors but instead I want to honor everyone involved: NASA, JFK, Aldrin, Armstrong, and a figure you probably never heard of Michael Collins. Collins was the third man aboard the Apollo 11 mission and was in charge of the command module pilot during the flight. In simpler terms, he manned the spacecraft that orbited the moon while Armstrong and Aldrin were on the surface. These three men and the people involved back on our tiny blue planet Earth all achieved what some regard as the greatest landmark of mankind. Just an example that values like humility and modesty go a long way, even to infinity and beyond.

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  1. Hi Jp,
    Neat Post, Apollo 1 – Scheduled for launch the crew died on the pad during a flight simulation when fire broke out in the spacecraft. Grissom, White and Chaffee were killed with rescue workers close by Unable to free the crew everything was over within 5 minutes after the fire started.
    Nice One!

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