Fantasy Football

The greatest invention of mankind is finally upon us once again

With every year come the days wasted in boredom, isolation and mourning. Times when life just fades before your eyes and everyone around you seems just a little bit more annoying. When the sky is bleak and there is no sunshine on the horizon. Pets seem to become lifeless, your job is unbearable and the world appears to be in shambles. It is a hibernation of the soul for every man. Luckily there comes the time when man is reawakened. His pulse is revitalized and life takes on a new meaning. I am surely speaking of football season. With this beautiful time of year comes an even greater game that all of us less-than-great athletes could play at home: Fantasy Football. The basis is wonderfully simple, how the players you pick do in real life, that is how well you do in your game. For instance, I draft Tom Brady as my quarterback and start him in week 1. In that game he throws three interceptions, get a fumble, with about 100 yards passing and a TD. That is a very crappy game for him so respectfully I get very little points from him. The same applies to every offensive position (running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and kickers). It adds a whole new meaning to watching football because you actually have something riding on the game. It’s addictive, fun, heart-wrenching, and gut-busting all at the same time. I can’t say that I would be able to survive without it because it is literally the only thing I look forward to every weekend till the season ends. By then I am already back in hibernation mode following my heroic victory over all the other chumps within my league. So to newbie and veteran players of the game alike I say be merry for we are on the brink of the greatest part of the year. May the smack talk begin…

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  1. You’ve written about the essence of Fantasy Football. Nicely done!

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