I Love the 00’s: AIM

Three letters that cost me many hours of sleep

As a prerequisite to modern online social messaging, AIM broke boundaries across the internet. Previous attempts at internet messaging just crash and burned until website giant AOL released AOL Instant Messaging to the public everywhere. I can still remember the conversations spanning hours and hours with friends I knew and kinda knew. Heartbreak, hijinks and hilarity all spilled over the faces of computer screens everywhere through the means of AIM. It was really a stepping stone for the Skype and ooVoo social networking system that is dominant today. What really drew me were the little things involved in instant messaging like the sound the computer made every time you got a message. I customized mine to sound like the piano solo from Linkin Park’s “In the End”. It wasn’t long before I started to cringe every time I heard that song play on the radio. Another thing that amazed me at the time were the little yellow emotion faces that you can put in messages, it was almost like real life! With its empowering simplicity and convenience, AIM dominated a good chunk of my night life during those years. I used that application for a very long time before I finally put my big boy cyberspace pants on and moved to the life-shattering behemoth known by some today as Facebook. It is a rite of passage that every computer owner faces and conquers. As for AIM now? I’m sure there are still some twelve-year olds still lurking in its catacombs, shooting back snarky remarks about a malevolent lunch lady and her three-inch mole. For the rest of the world, we have a seemingly overwhelming selection of different ways to creep upon one another and that is disturbing enough by itself.

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  1. This post brought back great memories of IM sessions with my creative director Jim O’Connell when we first started our magazine five years ago. He was in Florida and I was here, but we mine as well been in the same room laughing our asses off. Icon selection is such a key. The least words, the better. I haven’t used IM in years since. Probably won’t but that period of time was priceless. At 5 am after putting in a straight 14-hour shift to get to the printer on time, you can get a little silly. Thanks for jogging my memory and bringing me back to a place and time I held dearly with a great friend.

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