My Problem with Clothing Ads

Sorry fashionistas, this one is gonna hurt.

Walking through the mall on any given day, one would be plagued with varieties of different vendors and stores. Most familiar to those that frequently shop would be clothing stores e.g. Aeropostle, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Hollister, etc. It is to my extreme discomfort that I have to shop at these places. You can smell the vanity in the air. I am getting a little too ahead of myself, let me start where it all begins: The advertising. You see people running through a field, the camera focuses on their jeans. They are 20 somethings, scampering about without a care in the world. They laugh and tackle each other and do all that other crap that ad execs shove down your throat to make sure you understand that wearing jeans=frolicking fun through the fields. How does this make me want to buy the product? First of all nobody does that crap and the people that do couldn’t care less what kind of clothes they are wearing. Second of all, why do us younger generation have to be portrayed so derogatorily? We are not mindless idiots that just bs every day and try to push the revolution onto the home front. No, if those advertising majors from the university of stupidity could just look past their three-inch horned-framed glasses maybe we all wouldn’t feel the need of showering after watching one of their commercials. My point is this, making ads filled entirely with god-like young people constantly happy and adventurous is not fooling anyone. Scratch that, is not fooling me. You can keep your sex-driven, pretentiously aesthetic, neo-utopia commercials and billboards to yourselves please. If you don’t mind I would just like a pair of shorts that don’t make my butt look too big.

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