Why We Love These Movies: Quentin Tarantino

Who doesn’t love a blood-soaked good time?

When I first saw the man it was as a soldier/rapist in his team-up 70’s style flick Plant Terror. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This is the man that has captivated millions with his freight-train powerhouse action films? He looked like a B-rate scrub actor that couldn’t use his looks for anything more than being a human punching bag. My outlook changed as I became more and more of a follower to this great visionary. Soon it wasn’t long before I held my breath at the mention of his newest release Inglourious Basterds which I still proudly proclaim to this day as my favorite movie. Below are a few scenes from the great works of cinematic art we are graced with every now and again.

1. Pulp Fiction

2. Kill Bill

3. Inglourious Basterds

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