Contacts vs Glasses

An optical war that has spanned decades

Growing up strong and healthy, I thought I was the pinnacle of youth. That is, until my fifth grade physical exam told me otherwise. To my shock the nurse at my school told me that my vision was terribly poor and that I needed glasses immediately. You could imagine the shame I felt after getting through life without any of the normal adolescent tribulations, braces, chickenpox, tonsils removed, just to discover that I was as blind asĀ  a bat. In the end I had to swallow the pill life gave me and picked out the dorkiest glasses ever conceived by man. It was merely a year later that I was introduced to contact lenses. To me it was the cure for cancer. The thought that I could actually get through life without looking like the white Urkel was the greatest thing that ever happened. After anxiously poking myself in the eye at the optometrists office for an hour I finally learned the correct procedure for contact lenses. Ever since that day my life has never been the same. Alright so maybe I am exaggerating a tad, but it truly was a turning point. In my experience, glasses were always a clunky, sensitive, annoying aspect of living that I was just tired of. Contacts seemed like the miracle cure. However that is until I learned about the dark side of contact lenses. I would be sitting on the couch just watching T.V. when all of a sudden my eyes would feel like they burst into flames. Writhing in my seat, I would be clawing at my eye sockets just begging for an end to such an unexpected and powerful pain. That is when I learned that contacts need moisture to help keep them clean and wet so that they wouldn’t collect dust and/or other particles that would make me feel like ripping out my eyeballs. Rushing to the mirror and seeing that your bloodshot and veiny eyes now make you resemble the neighborhood crack addict was not a fun activity. These problems made me reconsider my stance on soft contact lenses. Over the past years I have learned that there is a trade off for wearing one over the other. With glasses you sacrifice looking good for comfort. With contacts you sacrifice comfort for looking better and flexibility. I play aquatic sports which demands that I wear contacts. While the majority of the day I wear them I always long for when I get home so I can put my glasses and pjs on, sporting the nerdy comfy guy look that only I have to know about. What is my opinion now on the debate? Despite the pain and frequent aggravation, I still prefer contacts to glasses. It’s mostly stemming from my high tolerance of pain and discomfort but I have grown very accustomed to not wearing glasses. I still wear glasses for comfort on occasion but very rarely. I just can’t wait for my laser eye surgery so I can be done with all this stupid crap forever! Muahahahaha.

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