What Women Really Want

As if a guy would know right?

And no I am not talking about the B-rate Mel Gibson romantic comedy. I am fully aware that I am delving into uncharted territory. Territory that few have ever dared to venture and even fewer have come out alive. Do not be alarmed, I am by no means prophesying anything, I am merely just stating some observations I have collected over the years.

I accredit the following line to a fellow blogger named Makya Mcbee. He has a great blog all about his daily battles with the numerous corks and screws in life. A link to his blog can be found on the bottom of this page. While reading one of his posts a couple of days ago, a line really stuck out for me and I decided to run with it.

“Sure, I’ve seen studies where women claim that a sense of humor is the first thing they look for in a man…BS, the first thing they look for is that he’s the spitting image of Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise, if a guy looks like that it doesn’t matter if can’t stumble his way through a knock-knock joke.”

This is a painfully true statement but it reveals more about the nature of women to me than just one particular interest. I’ve noticed that a woman either cares very much about image or not at all. There is no middle ground. I’ve actually saw girls claiming that they don’t care about what people think about them just to find the same familiar Uggs on their feet and animal bracelets on their wrists. No one single person wears animal bracelets, it’s a collective thing. People do it because everyone does it. Keep in mind this is a high school perspective which is very, very different compared to social behavior in society. I am getting off track but my point is that girls try really hard not to seem shallow which is a good thing. Guys do it too but i think more so that they are liked than to just be a good person. Which leads me to the ultimate question: What do women really want? Very much like the meaning of life and the possibility of other intelligent beings, this question looms over man with a breath of unimaginable complexity. It tries to manifest itself in a manageable and sensible form but that is just a trick men fall into all the time. So how would a mere mortal such as myself hold the key to one of life’s greatest questions? I do not hold this key and I pray I never will because it is something I do not think we are meant to know. Man is supposed to have a good idea to what women want and to cater to that idea the best they can. That is something I know I can do. Of course every woman is different and has different needs and desires but there are some universal principles you can apply to almost any girl.

Be confident– While looking humble and shy might make you look cute, there is no way a girl will ever believe you are the right fit if you are not sure you know what you want.

Have common sense– This is something I think a lot of guys forget. Thankfully we are all equipped with it so even if we forget we can always use it next time.

Use discretion– One of the number one killers of potential relationships is when guys say or do really stupid things. Trust me on that one cause I am the poster boy for that problem. Usually playing everything cool is a good way to use discretion.

You have ignored all the fast-acting love pills, self-help books, spam dating emails and more. So why should you listen to me? I have no authority or power over this particular subject and I never claimed it in the first place. We can’t be afraid to talk about what we don’t know for sure. There is never anything to be learned if we don’t. This is just a friendly, amusing article that I hope can help (but I am not willing to make any promises!). These are just some basic tips of navigation in the very dizzying world of women. Again I must state that I am no love guru, in fact I don’t even consider myself successful with members of the opposite sex, but every time I have been successful it is because of these principles. All that I know is a combination of what I have experienced and what those around me have experienced. There are still volumes of things to learn but that is where all the fun lies, in the chase. For me the less I know, the more challenging it is, the more challenging it is, the more fun it is.

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.”
Victor Hugo


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