Some of the Most Important Musicians of All Time: Bob Marley

These guys really knew how to carry a tune

Dating back thousands of years, music has always been an instrumental (pardon the pun)piece of entertainment within society. Today, the music industry is known as being the most competitive and challenging fields to make a living in. I have gathered a small list of musicians that helped pave the way in musical exploration and have remained an influence to this day.

Bob Marley

Until Bob Marley came around, reggae  was virtually unheard of anywhere around the country. While artists with musical backgrounds similar to that of reggae were around, nobody yet knew the soft, mellow tunes of the slow Jamaican beat. Bob Marley’s era was a short but very distinct  and memorable one. His classic song such as “No Woman No Cry” and “Stir It Up” evoke strong emotions of passion and companionship. He helped us all come together through music and explore our inner selves through peace, harmony, and weed. Since his death, dozens of reggae artists emerged to spread his messages of peace and love. His tunes introduced a completely new realm of music and with it a guarantee that it will be around until the end of time.

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