Do Colleges Really Look at your Facebook?

An astounding 80% of college admissions officers consider social media presence when recruiting students!

“You are what you eat” is an ancient cliché echoed by sports trainers and health jocks everywhere but they got the last part a little off. “You are what your Facebook profile displays.” would be a more accurate expression, at least to the admissions office. Yes the horror stories are true kiddies, colleges do look at your Facebook profile. While some of you may have reason to cringe, I doubt the majority of you even care. “What do I have to hide?”, “There’s nothing bad on my Facebook.”, “Colleges don’t have time to really look through a whole profile.” Listen, everybody thinks that it would never happen to them: a car accident, a robbery, drug addiction, a plane crash, getting rejected from a college because you forgot to delete those pictures of the kegger last summer. Unfortunately, reality says it can happen to anybody. It’s true, editor Dean Tsouvalas wrote in a blog post that “in at least one case an admissions counselor told us they rejected a potential student based on their social networking profile.” Let me throw one more cliché at you. “Better be safe than sorry.” This time the cliché is pretty accurate. Monitor yourself for your own good. If your friends post stuff that would look “undesirable” just delete it! It’s really simple, just image the admissions officer is your mom creeping over your shoulder watching your every online move. Scary huh? What’s scarier is being rejected by the college of your dreams just because of a stupid mistake. Don’t make a bad impression to the people who will dictate your life for the next four years. If you are not the same person on the computer screen that you are in real life don’t make it seem that way. Be smart and think like a creepy mom.

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  1. My solution? Graduate from college before Facebook is invented. It was easy. I did it. Don’t know why others wouldn’t consider this simple fix…

  2. Hi-ho the dairy-o deletin’ i will go!

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