Broken Benjamin


It looks like the end for the Pennsylvania alternative rock band Breaking Benjamin.

After thirteen years and four albums, the popular Pennsylvania-based rock band Breaking Benjamin has officially split up. Complications from lead singer and front man Benjamin Burnley with his fellow band mates guitarist Aaron Fincke and bassist Mark Klepaski ultimately lead to the band’s demise. According to sources, Aaron and Mark went ahead to Hollywood Records to make a remix of one of their prior songs “Blow Me Away” without the band leader’s consent. Benjamin Burnley is suing his former band members for 250,000 dollars. The band had been in hiatus since mid-2010 due to health issues with lead singer Burnley. It’s a huge disappointment that one of the decade’s premiere rock bands has come to untimely end. The band will be sorely missed by thousands of fans across the country. Release for the band’s greatest hits album, Shallow Bay, is scheduled for August 16th.

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  1. It’s not just the issue of the song remix, there were many other factors that led to the band’s demise as well

  2. That’s true but the remix was the proverbial last straw in the band’s internal struggle.

  3. my friend’s sister knows someone who knows the band and….”supposedly”…..Ben bought out the other three guy’s rights to the band, so basically that means a few things. Firstly, because of that Ben makes all decisions regarding the band. Second, because Ben bought the rights to the band, the other three guys can ONLY make money if the band goes on tour, with everything else earned from cd’s, itunes downloads, merchandise, etc.. going directly to Ben. Plus with Ben’s “illnesses” they have been unable to tour so the other guys in the band are making nothing while Ben is getting all the money (Again this is just what I heard. The song definitely was a factor, but it was a combination)

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