The Art of Flirting

Where it all begins.

Like a sculptor molding his clay or an artist painting her portrait, flirting requires skill and experience. Only after this practice is developed can it start being successful and reliant. If there is anything that I have ever learned from my history of flirting it is this: Girls flirt often but usually do not mean anything of it. It is almost instinctual to them and they just do it for fun (most of the time). Guys over exaggerate when girls flirt so they in turn receive the wrong signals. The only reason I say these things is because it has happened to me many times. But enough about my personal experiences, on with my point. Flirting is a delicate craft people use intermittently and subtly. It’s like a spice to the conversation, you don’t drown your speech with it but cleverly inter splice it with what you say. If you play your cards right you might score a phone number (or better yet an invite into her apartment ;D) but if used wrong you will crash and burn. Sometimes the risk is worth the reward other times the courage needed to approach someone can be just too much to ask. By no means am I a love doctor. In fact I have more to learn than the average Joe but it’s always fun to share memories and observations with one another. This topic is important because it seems that people are forgetting how to properly flirt more and more these days. It’s becoming a dead language like Latin, something that people still remember but forget what it was used for. May we never face a day when we have to pronounce our feelings to each other.

“Flirting is the gentle art of making a man feel pleased with himself.”
Helen Rowland

By Federico Andreotti (1847-1930) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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