My Problems With Texting

Everybody with a pulse texts so what’s wrong with it? I’m pretty sure you already know but choose to ignore the reasons.

There are certain aspects in life that I wish we could go back in time for, namely communicating. I don’t mean to act like grandpa but a part of me wishes that we had no cell phones or internet when we try to talk to each other today because I feel less and less like a human when I do it. Technology is slowly replacing the humanistic values that we’ve held so dear. Take Facebook for example. Facebook has redefined what the word “friend” really means. Is a friend someone you have never spoken to in your life but found through Facebook? I hope not. I’ve seen profiles with people having over a thousand friends on their profile. I remember hearing somewhere that the human brain can only fit between 200 to 300 people within their memory. So what’s with the other 800+ people? Well I think there are a couple of factors that decide whether to add a stranger as a friend. I know from time to time I’ve had ego issues with it and added people solely to have more friends on my profile tricking people into thinking I’m more popular than I really am (pathetic I know). Other reasons may be that the person is really hot and that they took the time to search your name and hit the ‘add friend’ button may mean that they like you. Not a chance. All in all Facebook friends are by no means legitimate friends. Just like how texting conversations aren’t really legitimate conversations (most of the time).

When I text someone it is usually just either a casual “What’s up” or an invitation to hang out. It is really just simple messages that hold no real meaning. There are times though when I text people and try to have elongated chats with them. I don’t think it’s right though doing it through a cell phone. Here are some reasons behind my disdain for texting.

1. It takes so freaking long.

In the average time it takes me to text a person just one message and wait for their reply back, I could have had a full-on conversation with them face-to-face. Once I looked at a conversation I was having with a friend through texts spanning the entire day. I soon realized I could have had the same conversation in less than five minutes if I was speaking to that person directly. Time is valuable and I prefer to have it short, sweet, and to the point before I turn eighty years old please.

2. The suspense kills me.

There’ll be times when I’m waiting for a response for what seems like hours. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it but wait. There’s not even a guarantee that the other person will reply and you’ll never know why. Endless scenarios spew through your mind. You become on edge and mistakenly think that this girl you’ve been texting is not responding because she’s annoyed that you keep texting her when in reality her phone just died. It’s so stupid!

3. Getting lost in translation.

You do not have a lot of freedom when you’re using texts. You can’t sing words, use sarcasm, pretend to act like a jerk for the hell of it, or do any of that fun stuff that talking will allow you. Spelling and punctuation is also¬† a concern. I don’t want to look up the word “cornucopia” if I can just say it out loud. Words and phrases are so easily misinterpreted which leads to giant pointless arguments. I’m sick of that stupid drama.

4. It’s dangerous!

I’m pretty sure that everyone that can drive and owns a cell phone has texted and driven at the same time. Don’t lie I do it too now and again. I hate that I do it though because it is really the most dangerous thing a teen can do, I mean even more than drugs and alcohol for crying out loud. If your reaction is just a millisecond too slow they’ll be shipping you to the morgue. That is a scary thought especially considering that we face the danger almost every single day.

5. Actual talking is so much better. 

If the above explanations weren’t reason enough, just let me close with stating that real flesh and blood talking is just simply a better way to go about socializing. It’s honest and real. There’s no room for misinterpretation or endless waiting. The best talks I’ve ever had were in person because there is so much more raw emotion and heart involved. Even if you talk over the phone it is better because you are hearing that person’s voice, their identity, which is something that you can grab hold of.

I’m not discouraging anyone to stop texting, I know I could not survive without it either. I am merely suggesting to those that constantly interact with others through technology that it’s only good for the spirit when you come together with others and have a real chat. It’s worth more than you realize.

By Alton (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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