Can You Wash a Hat? & other stupid questions, musings, reflections, and more

Excuse my stream of consciousness but…

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There come certain times in my life that I need to sit back and think for a second. One of my favorite ways of thinking is through asking stupid, pointless questions. They pop out from nowhere, surprising everyone even myself. The reception is different based on who I ask. Some friends look at me like I have three heads and shoot back a question in return like, “Are you retarded?”, “Really?”, and “What is wrong with you?”. Others respond with puzzled looks and just merely reply “I don’t know.”. My seasoned friends usually humor me with a ridiculous response or another stupid question in return. Some time ago when returning from work I asked my mom if I could wash my hat (it was drenched in sweat along with the rest of my clothing). She just paused for a second and gave me a gentle “I don’t think so.” At that moment I thought what would happen if i asked the same question to a group of friends. I pictured their faces of scorn and mortification. It’ll never stop me though. Stupid questions need to be asked even if they are never answered. The moment we lose our pursuit for simple knowledge is the same instant we sweep away all foundation for complex utopias of understanding and appreciation.

Decouvertes once said, “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” Can’t thinkers be allowed their own sect in society? Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle were all professional theorists that held no higher position beyond an ordinary teacher yet they were left alone to tend to their craft. This country just needs a wave of ideas to save itself. Isn’t that what it was built upon anyway? One of the most important prerequisites for the Constitution, The Magna Carta, was a document founded upon ideas of liberty and political right.If everyone in this country just had one good idea we would never have to worry about anything ever again. Of course there is the need for the people who put those ideas into practicality but for every thinker there is the engineer waiting to make dreams into reality. We are on the eve of a technological renaissance that will accelerate mankind’s advancement tenfold. We need thinkers to give the ideas and builders to make them come true.

I apologize for my philosophical ranting but I just needed a little exercise to get the brain juices flowing. Please comment below if you have any insight or opinion towards this post.

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  1. beginning was funny, was it really necessary to serious half way through haha?

    • I just went with it where my mind wanted to go. I really had no pre-intentions of making it funny or serious. Maybe I’ll try lightening it up next time

  2. You can wash a hat.

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