What ever happened to Heroes?

Okay maybe I’m just a geek that needs to put away his fantasies but you’ve got to stand up for something.

I can’t even remember the last time I reveled in delight, gazing at the malevolent Sylar de-braining his victims. Should I see a therapist? Maybe. Is it a problem? Heck no! I’m not afraid to admit that I used to be a Heroes junkie, I joined in Season 2 and never looked back. But here we are more than halfway over with 2011 and the Heroes are no where in sight.

What happened? Yes I’ll admit the past two seasons have sucked a bit but I still was always willing to come back to the next episode. The last season ended in the biggest cliffhanger of all time, one so promising that I half expected NBC studios to send me a change of underwear through the mail. What did I actually get? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It’s like I had the dream of my life just to wake up in the middle of the Sahara desert. Did I miss something? Apparently. It’s no surprise that the show’s ratings were not all peachy keen but it still had a strong fan base. I mean there was a web-based mini-series for god’s sake

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That has to count for something right? Wrong. NBC just wanted to restart their whole programming lineup. With shows failing left and right, Heroes did nothing to really stand out from the pack. I still miss it though. I still glance from time to time at my Heroes series box sets sitting in loneliness on the shelf below my T.V. What I miss the most were the characters. Not to say that there weren’t some characters that made me want to put a gun to my head but the well-established characters were really dynamic and fun to watch.


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Mr. Bennet, Sylar, and Peter Petrelli are all names I know by heart because whenever they entered a scene, the show came alive. They were all brilliantly written characters and the acting was spot-on (except of course Milo Ventimiglia he was pretty boring in his talking bits). While the plot got worse and worse as the seasons chugged on, the characters all had to come to terms that their world was crashing down on top of them. It wasn’t pretty but it was reality creeping into the fantasy. If you ever come back to the screen Heroes, I’ll be watching but till then…I’ll just have to make do with my decrepit DVDs

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  1. What happened? Oh that’s right the circus stuff happened. They forgot all of the time travel aspects and it got really dull. To be honest I was so discouraged during the last season I don’t even want another.

    • The Circus storyline was so stupid and dull. The villains weren’t even convincing and the climax was well…anticlimactic. That being said, I couldn’t see how they could possibly make the show any worse from there so I would carry a sense of optimism if there ever was another season. I think if the writers just go back to their roots (what made the show great in the first place) I believe that a comeback is possible.

  2. What really happened was they never could merge the sci fi elements with the ordinary people drama in Season One, in Season Two they diverge too much, focusing too much in people drama, then Season Three did the oposite, except for the last episodes, they focused a lot more in sci fi, and by Season Four, the damage was done, but they again fell into the Soap Opera feel and forgot the suspense, the mystery and all those factors

  3. the writers strike happened. that’s what killed this show in season 2, and they coundn’t bring it back to life after that

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