The Godfather: A Family Affair

There comes every generation or so a rivalry like no other.

Ali vs Frazier, Coke vs Pepsi, Michigan vs Ohio State. They all pale in comparison. The task is attributed to me in recounting the historical contention between my father and his best friend Mike. It all started back in the tender year of 1978. The two men were college roommates for four consecutive years.¬†Years filled with the Grateful Dead, Ramen noodles, intramural football, and dramatic ping-pong matches. Years spent with endless mocking, gloating, and humiliation toward both parties while they relentlessly sought to best the other. It was these years that sparked a flame that burns to this day. Ever since departing from higher education these two individuals never stopped their competitive endeavors and still the feud rages on even now. Whenever I see the two men together I see a familiar nostalgic glint in their eyes triggered from their bottomless fighting spirit. If you ever happened to be lucky enough to witness a game of pool or miniature golf between the two, a smirk of embarrassment and pity could not be helped. Behind-the-back shots, shouts of heckling, and made-up rules to a familiar game all accompany the typical bout between my father and Mike. Their pride is only matched by their hunger to win. It is a competition that will live on forever, resonating in the open air of recreation centers, mini golf courses, and pool halls everywhere. Their ruthlessness however, is ingrained with an uncompromisable friendship that they will carry for a lifetime. Mike is my Godfather and I wouldn’t doubt for a second that a man who can shake my father to his core would be the next best guy for the job. This one’s for you Big Guy.


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