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Man wakes up in South African morgue after being mistaken for ‘dead’

Man wakes up in South African morgue after being mistaken for ‘dead’.

Looks like zombies are real after all.

Some Questions You Didn’t Think to Ask on Your College Visit

   I bet you weren’t counting on your teacher not speaking English. Read the rest of this entry

Southern Victory?

Written by Sean Sedor

The First Book in the series - "How Few Remain"

One of the most pondered what if questions of all time, especially in the United States, is what would have happened if the Confederate States won the Civil War against its Northern Counterparts. Read the rest of this entry

An Ode to Youtube Comments

Nowadays, YouTube has become a two-trick pony across the digital media landscape. The first trick being the video of course while the second trick is one that isn’t as talked about but just as deserving: The comments . Read the rest of this entry

Can You Wash a Hat? & other stupid questions, musings, reflections, and more

Excuse my stream of consciousness but… Read the rest of this entry

10 Great Spongebob Quotes

It gets me everytime.


1. Read the rest of this entry


The English language is a complex thing. But every once in a blue moon, someone discovers clever little tricks and quirks that make talking just a little bit more fun. I stumbled upon such a thing a while ago and it evidently never left my mind if I’m here blogging about it like three years later. Palindromes are words or expressions that would say the same thing if they were read backwards. Examples include, “Murder for a jar of red rum”, “Some men interpret nine memos”, and “Go deliver a dare, vile dog!”. They don’t have to make sense, actually most of the time they don’t but that’s alright because we humans are in wonder of simple things.

What ever happened to Heroes?

Okay maybe I’m just a geek that needs to put away his fantasies but you’ve got to stand up for something.

I can’t even remember the last time I reveled in delight, gazing at the malevolent Sylar de-braining his victims. Should I see a therapist? Maybe. Is it a problem? Heck no! I’m not afraid to admit that I used to be a Heroes junkie, I joined in Season 2 and never looked back. But here we are more than halfway over with 2011 and the Heroes are no where in sight. Read the rest of this entry

CM Punk has made Wrestling Cool Again & why the Money in the Bank PPV was just that for WWE

Written by Sean Sedor

The date was June 27, 2011. The location was Las Vegas, Nevada. For the thousands of fans attending WWE Monday Night Raw, it was a special night. Read the rest of this entry

Damn You Auto Correct!











Hilarious posts by victims of a common enemy: auto correct. The funniest part is that I can totally relate because it happens to me all the time. If you have any amusing stories about auto correct please post them below.